Your True Calling: Essential Teachings of Yoga to Find Your Path in the World with Stephen Cope

Your True Calling: Essential Teachings of Yoga to Find Your Path in the World

An 8-Week Journey to Discover Your Purpose

To know your true calling—your reason for being here—is perhaps the greatest desire within each of us. But how many of us can really say we know our purpose with certainty?

Most of us feel at least some level of confusion, anxiety, and even fear around the subject. We’re told to “follow your bliss” or “make a difference,” but we’re never really taught how.

What if there were a time-tested guide for discovering and fulfilling your true calling?

As it turns out, such a map exists. The Bhagavad Gita—a classic text of yoga wisdom that has inspired generations to live more meaningful lives—offers us an essential guide for finding our calling.

In Your True Calling, you’ll learn how to use this powerful map to discover and align with your unique purpose.

“We cannot be anyone we want to be. We can only authentically be who we are.”

– Stephen Cope

Program Includes

Eight Video Sessions

High-definition videos filmed at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts

Two Q&A Sessions

Discover extra insight and wisdom as Stephen answers students’ questions, recorded during a live event

Complete Downloads of All Sessions

Videos, live sessions, meditations, and more to support your ongoing discovery

Guided Meditation, Journaling Prompts, and Homework

You’ll receive a variety of tools and techniques to help you clarify, explore, and live your true calling

PLUS Three Bonus Gifts

  • The Science of Yoga
  • Forest Bathing
  • Yoga for Emotional Flow

Program Details

Identify your gifts, explore how only you can serve the world, and finally overcome obstacles to a life of purpose and meaning.

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Single Payment – $97 (limited time)
3 Payments – $35 each