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Soul Friends: The Transforming Power of Deep Human Connection

“Most of us will have many friends throughout our lifetimes—friends of all shapes, sizes, and callings. Many of these are wonderful, meaningful friendships. Some are difficult. But some magic few of these are connections that have gone right to our soul. These five or seven or ten friendships have been powerful keys to determining who we have become and who we will become. . . . These are the people I call Soul Friends.”

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Stephen is well-known in the world of contemplative practice as a teacher who combines intellectual rigor with the powerful direct practices of hatha yoga and meditation. Most students find this to be a very potent combination. He is trained in many styles of meditation and yoga, but his primary interest is in teaching and developing the subtleties of Kripalu yoga and mindfulness meditation. He also regularly teaches loving kindness meditation—or “metta” meditation—with his friend and mentor, Sharon Salzberg, one of the founders of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and an internationally recognized teacher of metta meditation.

In addition to weekend-long programs at Kripalu, Stephen often teaches shorter programs, and gives dharma talks at venues around the country. Please check the full teaching schedule for details.

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Stephen’s primary interest is in translating the wisdom of the ancient contemplative scriptures into a form that is engaging and useful for mainstream readers.

Most American yoga practitioners are not likely to really read the ancient scriptures of yoga—like the Yogasutra, or the Bhagavad Gita. And even if they do read them, none of these documents can really be well understood without the help of a commentary. Every generation creates its own commentaries on these scriptures, of course. Stephen’s writing combines narrative and exposition in a way that makes these often-obscure early texts come alive.

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