Your Purpose Revealed - Podcast with Stephen Cope

On "Inside-Out Career Design" this week, hosts Nicola Vetter & Peter Axtell speak with Stephen Cope in Your purpose revealed! In our conversation, Stephen gives a masterclass on purpose, how to find it, and how to use it for a fulfilling life. Everyone has a unique purpose or calling that is seeking to be fulfilled. What you need is to learn how to find your purpose or calling. Stephen shares deep insights into this universal quest to find one's purpose. He shares practical advice that anyone can use.

In our conversation, we talk about…

  • how he came to realize what his calling is,
  • what the term dharma really means in today’s world and why it’s important,
  • why following what you’re meant to do in this world is the path to fulfillment,
  • the crucial difference between happiness and fulfillment,
  • how the idea of attunement to the still small voice is where true messages come from,
  • how it’s vital more than ever to nurture your connections,
  • and why living a disciplined, structured life is not constraining but an advantage.

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