On “The Aliveness Podcast” this week, host Alison Crosthwait speaks with Stephen Cope in CONNECTING WITH YOUR DHARMA AND OPENING YOUR HEART IN DIFFICULT TIMES. In our conversation, Stephen shares the experiences and insights that he’s gained studying these ideas that have shaped his books, including his most recent, “The Dharma in Difficult Times: Finding Your Calling in Times of Loss, Change, Struggle, and Doubt,” and offers a guide for how to connect with your own wisdom, cultivate compassion and open-heartedness, and connect with your inner gifts to contribute to positive change in the world. He shares practical advice that anyone can use.

“There are two forms of grasping in the Buddhist tradition. There’s reaching, “oh, I want that. I’ve got to get that goal. I’ve got to get over there on the other side of the river.” And then protecting what you have.

The real freedom comes in letting go of that grasping, clinging, craving, holding on, and protecting and opening our hearts instead.”

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