By Bob Weisenberg – Published in Elephant Journal ~

Put away your yellow highlighter when you read a Stephen Cope book.
You’ll find yourself marking almost every sentence.
The whole book will be yellow.

Seven years ago I was happily retired, largely unacquainted with yoga, when I happened upon a book by Stephen Cope called Yoga and the Quest for the True Self.  I knew right away that my life would never be the same.

The book instantly and utterly transformed me. The philosophy was that powerful and the writing that personal and engaging.  I started reading every book on yoga philosophy I could get my hands on.  I stepped up my meditation practice, as described in “Effortless Wellbeing”: Meditation as Everyday Life.

I started trying to describe what was happening inside of me, just for myself at first, in what would later become Yoga Demystified: The Six Big Ideas.  I started blogging and writing poems & articles.