From Ellen Broderick:

“This week, it is my great pleasure to welcome Stephen Cope to The Inspired Living Podcast. I have known Stephen’s work for many years and believe that his depth of understanding of how to navigate this life journey in line with our Dharma, or life’s purpose, has helped untold numbers of people to focus their internal lens and trust in the wisdom of the divine within. His own life is a testament to the non-linear trajectory of honoring the voice of wisdom to guide us, not to an easy life, but to a fulfilling one. In this interview, we explore Stephen’s latest book The Dharma In Difficult Times, and Stephen’s insightful understanding of the Bhagavad Gita (a remarkable ancient Indian spiritual writing). This is a longer interview, running a bit over 50 minutes due to my wish to give people a real sense of both the complexity and simplicity of the concepts laid out in The Dharma in Difficult Times, and to get a sense of Stephen Cope and why he has been able to reach such a diverse audience with his work. Please enjoy, and repost if you feel so moved.”