Best-selling author Stephen Cope on the opportunities to be found in chaos.

Key Points

  • Today’s disorienting dilemmas have unleashed a wave of personal power.
  • We can only fulfill our greatness through interconnection.
  • Finding your authentic calling allows you to unfold in the world.

Stephen Cope is a best-selling author and scholar who specializes in the relationship between the Eastern contemplative traditions and Western depth psychology. Among his seminal works in this area are Yoga and the Quest for the True SelfThe Wisdom of YogaThe Great Work of Your Life, and Deep Human Connection. In his latest book, The Dharma in Difficult Times: Finding Your Calling in Times of Loss, Change, Struggle, and Doubt, Stephen shows that crises don’t have to derail us from our purpose; in fact, they can actually help us to find our purpose and step forward as our best selves.